Sunday, September 26


PGCIA offers immersive experiences, serving space tourists and explorers on every step of their journey. PGCIA is specialising in space Industry MICE, UX Accelerator Programs and space tourism merchandise. PGCIA looks to deliver overwhelming value through a market-creating, rather than market-competing strategy to drive product innovation for space tourists and explorers.

PGCIA’s space hub is the gathering place for inspired men and women of all ages from all around the world. You will meet leaders from the aerospace industry and new space startups, space exploration pioneers, academic thought leaders, and grassroots space supporters – all united by a common goal: to participate in the latest advancements in space lifestyle development. Networking at TOMARS builds connectivity within the space community, expanding opportunities for people interested in humanity’s greatest pursuit, expanding the space frontier.


  • To accelerate start-up communities and provide mentoring to 50+ teams and new startups.
  • Mutualism for Future Space Joint Ventures
  • To build a shared Infrastarture (XR Lab)

What is PGCIA?

TOMARS is building prototype and design with space ventures and explore possible futures by testing and simulation: To establish research partnerships with major universities, institutions and organisations. Here researchers test theories and conduct studies in pursuit of enhancing performance, reducing injury, strengthening perception and feel, and delivering innovative products to space travellers.