Sunday, September 26

This Startup is Launching a Lifestyle Retail Store for Space Tourists

“They say that ‘we need to go to space now’ for the betterment of the environment.”

A European space-lifestyle startup called TOMARS is a venture that offers space tourism merchandise serving space tourists and explorers on every step of their journey.

TOMARS is creating a retail hub to distribute and merchandise space-lifestyle products and services through innovating space-lifestyle by alliances between astropreneurs with space frontiers accelerated through sharing knowledge, experience, infrastructure, and market reach. The startup is looking forward to collaborating with other ventures rather than competing with them. The venture aims to tap into the valuable and unutilized resources of outer space to increase the global standard of living for all and sustainability.

The core founding team is very vibrant which consists of Aryan Tomar, a Canadian who is a tech-genie and the youngest astropreneur in the founding team, Rishkandha – a business of fashion alumni from Polimoda, who is spearheading UX strategy for “Extreme Lifestyle” and has a strong network with luxury fashion industry veterans. Er. Tomar – an XR evangelist who is the Chief Innovation Architect for TOMARS’s “Concept Realism Experience Zone”. The team brings a strong intellectual network of domain experts from North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Korea, and India.

The parent company, Pixel Galaxy Studio, originally started in 2003 in Vancouver, Canada, and further expanded to India and Singapore.

TOMARS had launched a dedicated XR 80 seater accelerator infra in December but due to the coronavirus lockdown, the center is seized, so the passionate team decided to develop a virtual reality platform and will be launching the “creator beta” to the space tourism community during the Space Tech Expo which will be held in mid-November at Germany.

One of the pioneers in motion technology experts is designing immersive experience solution/architect blended with hyperreality. TOMARS has already started receiving its fundings and the majority of its seed-funding is done by an unconventional investor.

Currently, the startup is evaluating the most compatible HMD for use in their centers among Microsoft Hololens, HTC Vive, Oculus, and Magic Leap, the startup is also reaching out to athleisure brands such as Adidas, Nike, Puma, and Lululemon.