Sunday, September 26

Taking a Giant Leap for Nature

Bhu Tyagi is an environmentalist, journalist, filmmaker, social worker, and the founder of the Global Nature Film Festival, a film festival like never before, which only focuses on anthropocentric films and environmental values. Fortunately, we got Mr. Tyagi for an interview to learn more about him and his steps towards the betterment of the environment.

What is GNFF, and why did you start it?

I love nature [and] I wanted to do something to inspire others and make them understand the value and importance of our environment, so I started the Global Nature Film Festival, I have always been into films and that’s why I decided to connect films with nature, I feel this is a good way of spreading awareness, and for our upcoming 5th event in collaboration with BTXCity, we have chosen the theme “Multi-Planetary Terraforming”.

Why did you choose the theme “Multi-Planetary Terraforming”?

Our planet is in a bad situation, and for our survival, we have to replicate the resources we require for a living before they are no more, and terraforming is the only way to do that… we have to be multi-planetary in order to save our planet.

How do you think this will make an impact?

GNFF is inspiring the youth by engaging infotainment and integrating XR (Extended Reality) which is very encouraging and innovative, also making it the first film festival with XR integration.

Who is organising the event?

The event is being organised by BTXCity and other European and Korean associates, while the technical support is being managed by CloudF1.

Looking forward to the Global Nature Film Festival, and other events by BTXCity coming soon…