Sunday, September 26

“Houston, we have a problem”

Image Courtesy: NASA

Recently, there was a small air leak detected on the International Space Station which NASA is currently investigating.

Fortunately, the three crew members are safe, as informed by NASA officials.

“Now that we have a relatively quiet period in the operations — spacewalks, vehicle traffic, additional crew members can all result in fluctuations — the crew will be shutting the hatches to every single module so the ground can monitor each module’s pressure to further isolate the source” says Dan Huot in a conversation with

“The station’s atmosphere is maintained at pressure comfortable for the crew members, and a tiny bit of that air leaks over time, requiring routine repressurization from nitrogen tanks delivered on cargo resupply missions,” – a NASA statement.

Although, the crew members are facing no threats, NASA is still investigating and troubleshooting the air leak as it has slightly increased.

All the best, NASA 👍