Saturday, December 4

Aryan Tomar talks about his music

Originality only comes from within, when we link music with our emotions and experiences

  • Aryan Tomar

Things have been going fast for Aryan Tomar recently. The musical artist from Vancouver, living in India, is only thirteen, but he is gradually taking his place in the world of hip-hop and techno, he is also the co-founder of TOMARS, and we got him for an interview to know more about his life as a music producer.

Aryan Tomar

What first got you into music?

Since I was a little kid, around five or six, my sister used to put up MTV most of the time on the television, I used to love it, and I think after that I discovered my love and passion for music. I have always loved music since I was young and my sister has gotten me into it. I first got into more of hip-hop music, after that, I gradually started to like rock music as well, Nirvana especially. And that’s when I decided to learn drums, I took up drum lessons in my school, and later got into using DAWs (Digital Audio Workstation), and started producing. Throughout the years, I have been improving and looking forward to being improving more and develop my style of production. And what got me into techno was the fact that I wanted to produce music that gave you that positive energy and the vibes, I wanted to produce music that would make an individual go hyper, and to me, techno has always given me that energy.

Who inspired you to make music?

Well, there are many inspirations, but one of my biggest inspirations for hip-hop music is Metro Boomin. He was probably the first producer whose style I picked up on and tried to imitate when I’d just began producing music. He has always been a huge inspiration to me in the world of music and still is, I love his unique style of how he produces his music. Who inspired me for techno was when I once was going through SoundCloud and I came across this artist, known as Jan Vercauteren, though he is not a huge artist currently, he still has been a major inspiration for me and my techno music. I Hate Models is a huge inspiration for me as well in Techno.

How would you describe the music that you typically create?

It’s very simple, I have always been tried to original and take inspiration from others, I would describe my music like me, the way my music is because of the way I am, what you hear in each of my pieces is an experience I went through, whether it’s happy, sad, aggressive, or anything. It’s something I have experienced before and converted that experience of mine into a piece of art. I try to stay as original as I can because I want to develop my own style and not sound like the others.

What is your creative process like?

For me, to come up with a great idea for my music, I can’t have it whenever I want, wherever I want, because I want to connect my music to myself, whenever I experience something big or small, that inspires me. Experiences are the only materials that I need for my process of producing music. From my perspective, I feel, originality only comes from within, when we link music with our emotions and experiences. Though it’s never bad to have an inspiration.

What would you be doing right now, if it wasn’t for your music career?

Music is just a side hustle for me, I have many things I have to do, I am always busy, I am more than just a music producer, I have much more going on in the background other than just music, and most of them are something which I can’t even talk about right now, I am working on many projects currently, and I always like to stay busy, I find the idea of not having anything to do at all very uncomfortable and it just disturbs me.

Your productions are very strong in terms of quality, do you invest a lot of time in producing?

Typically, I don’t get the time to make music, but I’m satisfied with the output of my productions because I’m only thirteen, and I still have a lot of time to improve myself. I have to say that I’m a very slow producer, I take a lot of time when producing a track. When I start a song, I don’t stop until it’s exactly how I want it to be. I think it’s really important to keep going with production, even if you seem to be stuck, there’s always a way to go further and finish your track. You can’t keep starting new projects every time. Due to the fact that I only stop when I am satisfied with a project, I do not publish it and put it up [online], the majority of the tracks I have produced are not even live and just on my computer. I am only willing to publish when I have something of quality and exactly the way I want it to be.

What do you plan for the future?

If you talk about my music production, then I will integrate [my music] with my own fashion brand, TOMARS. Not just commercials, but including the events as well, including fashion shows.

Could you brief me about what your brand, TOMARS is?

It’s a brand that develops a lifestyle for out of the world, literally. It’s a lifestyle/fashion brand for Mars, because, well, Mars is going to be colonized soon, but our clothing isn’t the only product we provide, our services are more than that. We want to offer products in our retail store that curate emotion-rich space lifestyle innovation, we want to provide a portal for next-generation astropreneurs, but our main focus is to create a market for space joint ventures. TOMARS is organizing a new event, MARSMELLO, which is coming soon, it is an other-worldly experience, and it intends to make another way of life for Mars by Martian themed fashion shows and live artist performances.