Sunday, September 26

Making Drones with Daddy by Aryan Tomar & Dr. Heechoon Kwon, Korea

Source: GL Bajaj

Ready to explore the universe of SFO & Drones?

Originally designed to assist in #army and special operations applications, the use of of# drones has expanded into the public service sector and the #consumer market for people looking to have a good time flying an #aircraft remotely. To acquaint students with the drone making, a workshop ‘Making Drones with Daddy’ was organized by the Department of #MCA on 23rd February 2018.

The #workshop introduced #students of #BTECH and MCAto the fascinating world of SFO’s. Packed in simple English by 12-year-old Canadian Aryan Tomar, with his Korean mentor – Dr. Kwon, and supported with animated videos on LMS, ‘Making drone with Daddy’ provided the participants with the information they need to find and choose the right drone for their needs. It also covered the fundamentals like:

• details about the SFO, CH14 & PGCIA
• Choosing the drone to suit specific needs
• Assembly and setting up a drone
• Shoot videos with a drone – camera
• Careers in Drone
• Maintenance of a drone

The workshop also enlightened the participants about the career opportunities in the Drone industry, numerous ways to use a drone, drone etiquette, and the about govt. laws/regulations for drone usage.