Saturday, December 4

A Comprehensive Note on Ruler’s Creed Launch Event

At a time when the craze for immersive technologies is growing day by day among a wide range of people across the globe, Vikas Tomar has come up with a book called Ruler’s Creed that’s based on the concept of futuristic technologies when it comes to its uses. Vikas Tomar’s Ruler’s Creed was unveiled at Tomorrow’s India in Singapore on 26 January 2016. Tomorrow’s India is a stunning platform for business firms and industry experts when it comes to representing India in the context of its technological growth to the world.

The event which was organized in Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore was attended by a large number of distinguished personalities from the Media & Entertainment industry.

When the inbuilt software that comes in smartphones moves over on the code contained in the book, it helps in providing a 3D-view of the character that looks similar to a digital hologram.

Vikas Tomar, who is the author of the book, is a Media & Gaming Business Strategy expert for Start-up Ventures. If we talk about Immersive Media, Games, and VFX Mr. Tomar has been contributing as an Edutainment Enterprise ICT Strategy Architect and Emerging Content Developer for Infotainment industry.

Prominent ad-guru Mr. Prahlad Kakkar and motivational speaker, as well as writer Mr. Ron Malhotra, launched the book in Singapore.

Apart from Mr. Kakkar and Mr. Malhotra, the other prominent personalities present in the event include Dr. Kwon Heechoon- well-known author and Chief Director of National Agency of Cognitive Science, Inho Choi- CEO & MD Fix Games, Byung Won Lee- CEO / Producer -Asiapd company, and Mr. HP Singh-Founder of Tomorrows India, etc.

All these distinguished personalities were very positive about the book and its content.

I déjà vu Ruler’s Creed is an amazing book with an amazingly uncommon story and plot wherein every single paragraph of the book offers new revelations. The book is nothing but a medical science fiction wherein the story runs effectively from kings’ era to democratic India. The book contains an exciting account of village civilization, towns, and future’s hi-tech Delhi.

The book revolves around a teenage girl’s journey of self-realization who end up becoming a professional biker and, later on, takes part in an international touring race. The girl never gives up and keeps on running on her cycle. It’s an amazing sequential story that keeps on running in between past and present. Ruler’s Creed is pure fiction, wherein the author has taken a variety of references both from mythology and history in order to make it more interesting.