Sunday, September 26

Tomorrow’s India

Tomorrow’s India is one of a kind initiative for showcasing India’s entrepreneurial strength, through its academic excellence and cultural vibrance. It is a two-day event, to be held in Singapore for the very first time from 25th to 26th Jan, focusing on developing international collaborations in the fields of business, culture, and education. It will create immense opportunities for enterprises to get into the global business scene through interactive forums, networking meetups, to learn about updates & best practices from the leaders & policymakers. Emerging startups from India will also have a stage to share & present ideas and exhibit their products on the international platform. Ultimately, Tomorrow’s India is the gateway to and for India through the exchange of culture & knowledge to build business ties across nations.

Tomorrow’s India is backed by Global Social India Foundation; a not-for-profit initiative of Global Social Enterprise (Singapore). The program collaborates with the Global Cultural Alliance; the creators of Spotlight Singapore, a highly successful program that has delivered chapters in 6 different countries.

The special advisory panel of Tomorrow’s India has some very eminent names, Akila (Board of Directors, The Hindu), Rama Ramachandran (Non-Executive Chairman of GSIF & Executive Chairman of National Book Trust, Singapore), Colin Goh (Founder of RICE Singapore) and Mukesh Mohan Gupta (Member of National Board of MSME).

Tomorrow’s India will unfold in the fourth week of January for the very first time in Singapore. But it’s just the beginning, as Tomorrow’s India will travel to a new country every six months and hold similar programs.

It’s the opportunity of a lifetime to mark your place with business icons, corporate gurus, honchos, investors, policymakers, thinkers, founders, promoters, creators, innovators, knowledge-seekers & givers, and cultural ambassadors.

So, come be a part of Tomorrow’s India as we walk with the achievers and change perceptions to create a better world.